Creating acrylic and oil paintings in Montana state near Bozeman, MT. Western and landscape artwork done by original local artist Shairozion Erickson, formerly from the Bitteroot Valley and currently residing in Gallitan County near Big Sky, MT. Art displayed on this website are all original paintings created by a new local artist, Shair - The online art gallery displays her excellence in artwork and local western art style. All originals are for sale and prints are available of paintings as well. To request an original painting or print, contact Shair directly through the contact us page. All of Shairs Acrylic and Oil paintings are one of a kind, thought up out of her imagination and are not replicas or copies of other artwork or real life landscapes. All art on this website and gallery is copy-written for the artists protection and is protected by law. Do not copy, save, paste, replicate, print or attempt to sell any of the artwork on this website without direct written consent from the artist.
 Copyright Shairozion Erickson
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